Moody Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach

cannon beach- beach-haystack rock-oregon coast-pacific ocean-cloudsCannon Beach is always a wonderful destination. I love the clean crisp air, busy beach happenings, and million dollar views like this world famous Haystack landmark. Awesome!!

I figured without sun or a fabulous sunset I might as well use the clouds to my advances. So, I walked way out past all the beach combers and kite flyers to capture this three shot from my Nikon D600. This one is all-natural, meaning it is a simple HDR without much post processing other than a vibrance kick and noise reduction.

Come see it in better resolution at my Fine Art America Northwest Landscape Gallery.

While visiting Cannon Beach a favorite dining destination is the Driftwood Restaurant and Lounge. They have the best crab cocktail on the planet. It is fresh and super tasty. You can sit out on their patio and enjoy your food and a beer or wine at the fire table. It is really a relaxing time. You should stop by and grab some crab and a beer and take in the experiences of Cannon Beach.

You will find a quaint shopping experience in this landmark town along the Oregon coast. You will also find an artist rich environment here. There are fine art painters and photographers everywhere you look. And if you pop into some photo galleries you will find outstanding captures of the beach and of the Haystack rock. So many images captured at sunset with the rock in the foreground.

On this day the wind was whipping around, a cold chill was about, and rain threatened. We were only in town for a few hours to shop and to eat and to capture the Haystack for my HDR landscape collection. I was not happy with the conditions of the day in Cannon Beach, but I made it work. Stunning!

What are your thoughts on this Moody Haystack Rock photograph? How does it inspire you?

P-47 Thunderbolt

airplane-aviation-aerospace-wwii-jet fighter-piston-p47-thunderboltThis P-47 Thunderbolt is such a stunning airplane to see in person and to capture in High Dynamic Range. The Tallahassee Lassie was on display as part of the Flying Heritage Collection. has this to say about the P-47.

“Built in greater quantities than any other US fighter, the P-47 was the heaviest single-engine WWII fighter to go into production and the first piston-powered fighter to exceed 500 mph. The Thunderbolt performed 546,000 combat sorties between March of 1943 and August 1945 and is considered the real forerunner of today’s multirole fighters.”

You can read the entire history and see the P-47 Thunderbolt airplane specs on their website.

If you are interested in more cool HDR airplane photographs please stop by my gallery. Thank you for stopping by to see my P-47 Thunderbolt photograph captured with a Nikon D600 on AF-A in 3D focus mode and final processed in HDR so that the colors pop right out and bring this classic airplane back to vibrant life.

Software I use for my HDR processing:

Photomatix Pro – Used for creating high dynamic range.
Topaz Software Suite - Photoshop enhancement plugin software.
Perfect Photo Suite 8 - Photographers choice for photo editing.
Lightroom 5 - Used for import and finishing touches.