8 Do’s and Don’ts of Great Real Estate Photography

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Professional real estate photography is on the rise. Today the art of photographing a home for sale is becoming ever more important. The home should be presented in the very best light to maximize the value. Professional photography can be that value maximizer and the … [Read more...]

Traveling “Going to the Sun road” in Montana

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When in Montana and Glacier National Park you must drive Going to the Sun road!! This is one of those things in like that is a one in a million experience. The road is steep, two narrow lanes, chocked full of traffic during the summer months, and steeping with the best views … [Read more...]

Sunrise at Lake McDonald

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Sunrise inside Glacier National Park in Montana. This was looking east across Lake McDonald. What I liked most about this moment and capture was the stillness of the morning. There were no boats moving, no children swimming, no paddle boards or wake boards, just silence and … [Read more...]

Cravings lead to habits that lead to Facebook, Twitter, and even Starbucks

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So... I was watching a young dude sit on the curb just outside a local Quiznos restaurant in my neck of the woods. This dudes rhythmic movement was almost hypnotic. In his right hand was a lit cigarette. His arm extended straight out and locked at the elbow while supported by … [Read more...]

Talent is meant to be used

Stunning HDR photography and Inspiration

Buy "Montana Outboard" and add to your favorite home or office space. Talent... It is one of those things most of us are born with and discover along the way through life. Some find it early on. Some find it later in life. Some never find it. When and if you find your … [Read more...]