Where’s Jimmy

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This one is aptly titled "JimmyHoffa." I was out wandering around the docks and industrial area of Seattle when I came across these paint drums. There were thousands stack super high. Piles and piles everywhere. When my eyes landed on this big pile of used junk I thought.... now that is art! … [Read more...]

Historic Downtown Anacortes

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The city of Anacortes resides in Skagit County, Washington. The origins of the name "Anacortes" derive from the wife of an early settler to Fidalgo Island. Anna Curtis was the wife of Amos Bowman. Anacortes is commonly known as the "Gateway to the San Juan Islands." Many come here to stay the … [Read more...]

Your WHY is your power in life… use it!

anacortes, landscape, waterscape, puget sound, water, marina, harbor, pacific northwest

I was surfing Facebook wasting time and feeling a tad sorry for myself. Then this quote scrolled across my screen and it was just that inspiration I needed to press on. "When you're at the end of your rope & your feel like giving up, FOCUS on that one reason for not giving up!" Amen … [Read more...]

In pursuit of my million dollar photograph

goals-million dollars-peter lik-phantom-landscape-hdr

For 2015 I set four very specific goals. One gigantic stretch goal for my photography mission this year is to capture my million dollar photograph. Master photographer Peter Lik is now the six million dollar man when it come to selling his work. Mr. Lik sold "Phantom" for a cool 6.5 million … [Read more...]