Great Wheel of Fortune

waterscape, seattle, great wheel, ferris wheel, sunset

Just imagine the lucky few who are riding the Great Wheel on this day as the fiery sun sets. What an experience those riders have to share with family and friends. I knew the day was going to good for capture sunsets in Seattle. The weather report had sun and partly cloudy … [Read more...]

Seattle City Light

washington, seattle, waterfront, pier, great wheel, ferris wheel, night, skyline

In the distance is a glimpse of the Seattle City skyline. To the right and in the distance stands a crane. This is part of the construction taking place in order to install a new gondola ride in Seattle. That should be a blast when it is ready to go. Off on your left is the … [Read more...]

Morning Gold

told river, river, fog, morning, sunrise

I was out early and headed to spots unknown... yet. My Starbucks had not kicked in to shake the sleep from my eyes. Driving... driving... driving. I found this lonely road near the Tolt River in Western Washington. Shlepping... I emerged from the heat of my truck into the cold of … [Read more...]

The Making of “Lonesome”

fog, landscape, farm, farm land, winter, nature, tree, HDR photo, post processing, photo processing

I escaped out into the fog of some barren farmland to capture this image. The farmland was littered with used up corn stalks, dying in the mud and muck of the dreadfully foggy day. It was surreal. As I wandered further into the thick fog, soon I found myself all alone. A chill … [Read more...]