Tulip Town

My Mom was in town and we got out to see the tulips at Tulip Town in Skagit Valley, Washington.

Tulip TownTulip Town is a tulip farm located in Skagit, Washington. Each year they participate in the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Each year, it seems, the tulip fields are different. This year felt odd, as there were not as many fields to visit. So, my photo opportunity was limited. This plus the fact that my lens was super dirty and I only noticed it after I returned home and downloaded my images.

The flowers were beautiful as alway and the majority of my images were a bust this year. And due to the fact that the tulips only last about two weeks I may not be able to head back out to the fields this year.

Anyway… please enjoy this one image that turned out best.

Sunset Stroll

I was enjoying the sunset when this gentleman pass right by me. He hadn’t a care in the world. Seemed his only mission on this day was to walk, meditate while walking, and take in that awesome California sunset.

Sunset StrollI, on the other hand, was away from my 9 to 5 jail sentence (JOB) attempting to use in photography as an escape from thoughts of my doom and gloom. The serenity of the moment had me wondering what more there might be for myself and my family if I really buckled down and set fear aside to create something grand. Some thing that might help me leave the legacy I so need to leave other.

First, I genuinely hope you enjoy my images. The act of grabbing my camera and going out into the wild of the Northwest or some city always helps my heart tick a bit faster with life.

Next, I am spending time this week reflecting on my life forward and learning to forgive myself for my own short comings that have limited my belief in myself. Not that I have not been successful in life… I have. It is just that I have not been successful at the level I imagine or the level that breeds sheer happiness 24/7 in my life.

This image is a wake up call to me. Thank  you for seeing and liking my art work.