The Stranger news stand and paper

seattle-newspaper-the stinger-city-grunge-lifestyle

On occasion I really love getting lost in the city with my camera. It helps me feel like one single atom among millions of atoms spinning rapidly to create life in the big city. I feel lost, invisible, and much like a light that shows the world things inside the city limits that are particular just to that culture.

Over the past year I have begun to collect a small amount of what I am naming Grunge Lifestyle photos. These are image from things around the city done with a mix of dark drama and splattering of color to share with the viewer both darkness and vibrance of city life and things.

This image was captured along Alaskan Way near the Victoria Clipper booth. It is an image of two newspaper stands, one featuring The Stranger. This is a local Seattle paper that has it all. You will find world articles, local articles, and the personals. It is one piece of flare among millions around the Emerald City.

I am looking for feedback on this series if you get a moment. You can see my gallery here.

Pike Place Pasta

pike place-seattle-pasta-vegetables-fruit-fish-artisan-artist-farmers market-seattle public market-city-urban-cities-puget sound-pacific northwestThe Pike Place Market in Seattle is a spot to get fresh vegetables, flowers, fruit, fish, or cool local artisan items. On this day I wandered up and down the aisle seeing the people, seeing the products, and taking my time finding images that would be outstanding in HDR. Here is just one of those images from my recent visit to the Seattle Public Market.

This is pasta!! This is pasta in HDR… and then tweaked in my backend processing to add a psychedelic/grungee feel to the image. Turned out ok.

I will continue to find more close up images from the market goods and process with this look and city grunge feel. Work great for all things Seattle. Please enjoy and remember that I help business owners, professionals, and fine art collectors add stunning photographic art to their spaces. Contact me today.