2014 in review and upcoming goals for 2015

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Every year in December I reflect on the year coming to a close. Did I accomplish all I set out to accomplish? Did I leave anything on the table, or in other words, did I give it 110%? This is my ritual. I bet you have similar rituals you perform to determine  how you did related to the goals you … [Read more...]

Dave Morrow from 25 below in Alaska

Today I would like to highlight a great photographer... Dave Morrow. Dave is a fantastic photographer. He especially does excellent star photographs. I have witnessed his Under the Stars workshop from Mt. Rainier. The experience was fantastic. If you ever get a chance to meet Dave or go to his … [Read more...]

Lima Locomotives at Sammamish Washington

locomotive-train-railroad-engine-box car-lumber

Got out to Sammamish to see the old railroad locomotives and box cars. It was awesome! When you get to the boneyard of trains there is a chain link fence all around. This prevents ease access to touching these old relics and it poses harsh conditions for wonderful photographs. You essentially get … [Read more...]

5 key principles to become a successful photographer

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I found this 35mph speed limit sign interesting. It represents rules and limits for the road. The speed limit sign is there to remind you to be safe. So, as I pondered the sign and this photograph I thought about photography rules being similar to this speed limit sign. The rules are in place to … [Read more...]

An enchanted winter

winter-trees-pacific northwest

Captured at the first snow of the season in Snohomish, Washington. This grove of lonely bare trees reminds me of a time to rest, sleep, and renew our minds for the coming New Year. Think forward about the coming year... What will the year bring? Will it bring more of the same or will it bring … [Read more...]