The Hayride for Happiness

hayride-bobs corn-pumkin-farm-fall-motivation-attitudeLife can be simple and relaxing like a hayride… or barbary like a rusty barb wire fence. I would love to choose hayride first and today I cannot. Today I am climbing that barb wire fence to visit my daughter in jail. Not the moment in life I expected. Not one for the family scrap book.

And so I feel compelled to write and share this hayride photo. When I see it I am able to breath easier. My soul seems to soar with waves of tranquility. Just what I need for this black moment in life.

For the past five years I have used my photography as a device to de-stress life. That is all it began as for me. An outlet to release tension, fear, and stress. Photography has helped me smile from the inside out.

When I am behind the lens I am living effortlessly. At that moment I am lost in happiness.

For today, I find the above hayride photograph soothing, reflecting some sense of peace, and ease about this day. We should all live effortless every day by placing ourselves on a relaxing hayride where there is no stress.

Skykomish River at Sunrise

skykomish river-skykomish-stevens pass-river-gold-silver-copper-sunrise-sun up-sky-clouds-landscape-puget sound-pacific northwestPurchase Skykomish River Sunrise for your cabin or special space today.

The little town of Skykomish was once a booming mecca of logging and railroad activity. Plenty of jobs could be had around the turn of the century. BNSF railroad activity still exists today. On any day you will find a train sitting on one of the tracks. If you love trains, Skykomish is a must destination.

Today, Skykomish holds on to it’s past through many original buildings that still stand.

The local hotel stands on Railroad Avenue, abandoned, dilapidating, and full of mold. As you walk past this old hotel and peek in the windows you see floors that look as if they are growing grass. That is mold. The hotel has been deemed a historical building and is “for sale” at around $300,000. Walk up the street to the Whistling Post and enjoy the best fried chicken this side of the Mississippi River.

Plenty of activities exist relatively close to the town. You will find hiking trails, old abandoned logging roads, and the river to enjoy. Go up a logging road at night into pitch black and you will find a sky filled with stars and star photograph opportunities. Well, as long as there are no clouds.

Within about a mile of the town center is the Skykomish River. Tales from the river hold gold, silver, and copper rush dreams. You are more likely to find beautiful scenes, such as this one, rather than much gold, silver, or copper. Looking to relax, get away from your day to day stress, or just find your creative mind, then Skykomish and the river are the spot.

If you are a CEO, business tycoon, professional, or just a fine art collector this Skykomish Sunrise photograph may be the perfect scene to  hang over your roaring fireplace inside your getaway cabin.