Christmas Tree Farm in Snohomish Washington

christmas trees-tree farm-christmas-tree-holiday-gifts

Here it comes again.... Christmas! Are you ready. Let's talk about what ready means. It does not mean ready because you have made a list of gifts to buy or even started buying already. Ready means giving. Are your ready to give first and expect nothing physical in return. You can expect a good … [Read more...]

Airplane HDR magic

corsair-airplane-fighter-world war II-pacific-navy-marines

 So... how'd you do that Spencer? Here is the recipe. 1. Begin with a well composed image. 2. Keep the subject simple and the focal point of the photograph. 3. Shoot for your best exposure(s) when capturing for HDR... or anything for that matter. In the case of this image I only shot … [Read more...]

Old Travel Trunk Photo Prop


It’s been a busy fall portrait season. This year I chose to use an old turn of the century travel trunk as a prop in the middle of a grove of colorful trees. The trunk added depth to the story of each family posing for their fall portrait photographs. It was a blast. A great big thank you goes … [Read more...]

The Seattle Photographer


Wouldn't you know it... RAIN! I had four fall photo shoots ready to go today and then 80% chance of rain and blustery conditions. And that is just par for the course in the Pacific Northwest. As I peek out the window the clouds are dark grey mixed with dull white. They are racing past the … [Read more...]

The Hayride for Happiness

hayride-bobs corn-pumkin-farm-fall-motivation-attitude

Life can be simple and relaxing like a hayride... or barbary like a rusty barb wire fence. I would love to choose hayride first and today I cannot. Today I am climbing that barb wire fence to visit my daughter in jail. Not the moment in life I expected. Not one for the family scrap book. And so I … [Read more...]