There ARE bears at Glacier National Park

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Several people warned us about going into the wood, down to the river, or hiking without bear spray. We listened!! On our trip to Glacier we did not encounter any bears. We did encounter a freak storm with thunder and lightening and yet... no bears. However, we were prepared … [Read more...]

Going to the Mountain in Montana

landscape, mountain, glacier national park, montana, happiness, forgiveness

Sometimes the world is a bliss and sometimes it is dire and dark. When the world is bliss... rejoice! When it turns dark... go to the mountain and seek peace. Practice being at one with the big world and forgiving those that have trespassed against you. Forgive is a prescription … [Read more...]

The meaning of a simple cross

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As a child I grew up in Southern California and took many school field trips to the Spanish Mission at San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano is known for the return of the Swallows that return each year on the same day and time. It is an amazing this to witness this … [Read more...]

Days End on the Lake at Glacier National Park

landscape, water, waterscape, lake, lake mcdonald, montana, glacier national park, sunset

I found this lone man standing along the shore... watching, maybe reflecting on his day... life. The moment felt powerful and bigger than life. One human in a great big world and alone for that moment in time through the whole galaxy. Wow! Have you ever had a moment like … [Read more...]

Going to the Sun road at Glacier National Park

montana, glacier national park, logan pass, going to the sun, landscape, nature, clouds, mountain

It was a steep 50 mile trek up the mountain. Sheer drop offs at all locations. Our car only kept on the road by an expert driver and that solid rock wall. Thank you Jesus. The view along Going to the Sun road is the best in America. You can stop and view sweeping landscapes of … [Read more...]