Colors of Tulips

Enjoy your tip toe through these Colors of Tulips as the center water row leads your right through the beauty. Captured early morning between the rain showers. It was a lucky moment.

Skagit Valley Tulip FestivalClick here or the image to view in High Resolution at my Fine Art America gallery

For this image I used my BW 10 stop filter. The f-stop was set at 4 and ISO at 100, exposure for 30 seconds.

The first thing I need to adjust in these types photographs that are shot using my BW filter is the Kelvins. With a BW 10 stop filter the images always seem to process to blue. You need to warm it up by bumping the Kelvins.

After my white balance and Kelvin adjustment I duplicated two images of this leaving me with three. I then set the exposure to -2, 0, 2. So NO. This is not a true HDR and yet it came out really nice.

Processed in Photomatix Pro using my natural HDR setting, then de-noised in Topaz… and that’s it. No other editing or filtering.

What do you think?

Gas Works Park from Lake Union

Good morning all – It’s Easter and image of the week day.

I captured so many awesome image this week. Some from Seattle. Some from Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Some from beautiful people getting their outdoor portraits done. Absolutely wonderful photograph week.

Gas Works ParkClick here or the image to view in High Resolution at my Fine Art America gallery

So, I had many choices for today’s image and I will stick with a Seattle image.

This artistic photograph was captured while aboard the “Ride the Duck” ride. It was so much fun. As I mentioned in an earlier post I had my Mom here for a visit. So we hit up Seattle and specifically the amphibious “Ride the Duck.”

Our captain was Tuck and Roll. He was so hilarious, full of spunk, craziness, and played music appropriate clips throughout the ride. The ride lasts about an hour and half to two hours. I completely recommend “Ride the Duck” to locals and tourist. It is a NOT MISS activity while in Seattle.

This Gas Works Park image was captured from Lake Union aboard the Duck. A perspective you don’t always see in photograph. After processing in HDR I liked the artistic version with this golden hue added. Many have commented on the image and like it a lot.  I hope you like it a lot as well.