Old Mission San Luis Rey

Between 1769 and 1823 21 Missions were constructed from San Diego to San Francisco. Growing up I was fortunate to take school trips to San Juan Capistrano and watch the Swallow birds return every year on the same day.

Statue of MaryOn this trip to California I was able to visit Old Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside California. This mission was founded in 1989 by Padre Fermin Francisco de Lasuen. The mission was located inland due to the rich agricultural and water resources.

Throughout the history to this mission there were five periods of occupation: Luiseno Indian, Spanish Mission, Mexican Secularization, American Military, and Twentieth Century Restoration.

Old Mission San Luis Rey

San Luis Rey Church

San Luis Rey Prayer AlterOriginally, the mission lands ran 11 leagues north to south and 15 leagues east to west. In today’s term this equates to 950,400 acres. That number has been pared back to roughly 56 acres currently.

Outside the church is a fantastic and beautiful cemetery with old stone crosses as markers, many statues, and a rich history of the past buried on the grounds. You will find some awesome photo opportunities in the cemetery.

Stone CrossInside the church photography is allowed, however, you can not use a flash or tripod. I feel extremely lucky to have been allowed the opportunity to capture this wonderful church using my tripod for time lapse images at perfect exposure. A big thank you to the mission for allowing me this opportunity.

Enjoy these photographs of this Old Mission San Luis Rey. What a rich California history.

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