Pumpkins on a fence in Snohomish Washington

Pumpkins on a Fence

Fall is arguably one of my favorite times of year.

I love the smell of burning wood from distant fireplaces, hot coffee and chocolate, the turning leaves, and Halloween. It all helps me slow down and enjoy the coming holiday season. Fall is the start of a time to reflect, rejoice, celebrate, and renew.

In the month of September I will post and highlight six of my fall photographs captured over the past few years.

This photograph was captured along Springhetti Road in Snohomish, Washington.

The fence sits on Bailey Farms. Each year the Baileys’ line the fence posts with the most gorgeous pumpkins. They are grown and sold at Bailey Farms.

Just after the frenzy of Halloween the Bailey turn to selling Christmas trees grown on their farm. The trees you see in the background were probably about one year old at the time I captured this photo.

As a side note: The Baileys’ bought several sizes and formats of this image. A 30×20 canvas hangs in their living room today.

This image was captured with Nikon D90 and processed using Photomatix Pro and Perfect Photo 8.0. Please enjoy and remember to stop and smell goodness of the season.


  1. Judgment cuts us off from the items of Spirit, while compassion opens our
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