Fall Time at Bob’s Corn and Pumpkin Farm

fall, washington, snohomish, clear view, bob's corn, corn maze, pumpkins, barn, landscape, northwest landscape

This is Bob’s Corn located in Clearview Washington. It is fun to go in the fall and pick out the perfect pumpkin, ride on the hay wagon, mix and mingle with the other Bob’s Corn enthusiast, and shop in the old country store inside that red barn.

Across the street from the barn is a corn maze that will mesmerize and baffle your directional nose as you get completely lost before escaping the maze.

Enjoy the coming fall time and I hope to see you at Bob’s Corn soon. We can shoot some cool fall photos together.

This photograph is a three shot HDR processed using Photomatix Pro, LightRoom 5, and finished off with a custom landscape preset of increased light, contrast, vibrance, and vignette.

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