Union and Seventh in Seattle

union and seventh

I tend to shoot a lot of Seattle. Most of my work comes from Pike Place Market and the vicinity around Western and Second Avenue.

So… I went out of my element and trekked five extra blocks up Union to Freeway Park. Freeway Park runs along I-5 and creates a natural noise barrier. This park also put a barrier between psychotic jumpers and the zipping traffic on the busy freeway.

The park runs for a block or two south from Union. I walked the park and felt safe for the most part, except for the homeless guy sparking up a bowl in broad daylight.

Before and images are captured I like to walk around the area to be photographed with a critical eye for interesting angles, people, or things. In this case I stood up on a park bench and saw this beautiful photo in my mind first. Now you see it in digital pixels now.

Visualize first and capture second.

What I really liked about this scene was first the busy city aspect, next the movement of cars and people, and finally the vanishing point at the Puget Sound straight down Union.

Straight down the center of this photo is Puget Sound. A tanker is in view if you squint enough to see it.

You can see this “Union and Seventh” photo better at my FAA gallery. And if you are so inclined… add it to your wall on metal. šŸ˜‰

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