7 key benefits to help sell your art on Fine Art America

Dan Kosmayer of Kozzi Images asked in a blog post, “Have you had any experience with Fine Art America?” That question got me to thinking about my personal experience with Fine Art America. It has been all positive.

airplane boneyardI have identified 7 reasons for my love of Fine Art America.

1. Low Barrier to Entry

For myself, and certainly for other artist, Fine Art America has allowed me to share my work with the world without breaking my bank account. In fact, your entire subscription to share, market, and sell your art is only $30 per year. Compare that investment to the cost of nearly that per month at other photo and print on demand sites.

2. Your Own Artist Website to Share your Art Work

This benefit compliments the “Low Barrier to Entry” stated above. Along with your low annual cost of only $30 buck you get a website to personalize with your profile, art work, and individual galleries. With this website you can share your art at retail pricing and easily include links to individual art on your blog or others.

Check out my Artist Website to see what I am yammering on about.

3. Many, Many, Many Marketing Options Available

Nine different marketing options to choose from. One of my favorite options is the ability to promote your art on FaceBook. Many of my FAA friends do this through their personal blogs. There are even many fan pages, groups, or communities on FaceBook where you and share your FAA page and promote your art work or photography.

With the Catalog option you can print flyers with your art displayed and all information about purchasing products. On occasion I have used these catalog option to create a portfolio book and to show off my images at the local Farmers Market.

For those artists who have a blog to display their art you can install the shopping cart option directly to your site. This allows you to keep customers connect to your site and not re-directed away to another website. Certainly a key marketing advantage.

Other key marketing options include an email contact option, slideshows and logos, social media buttons, limited time promotions, and discount codes.

You won’t find this many marketing options at other POD companies. I recommend you stop by FineArtAmerica.com to check it out. You can trial test the site for free if you like and then only pay $30 bucks annually… that equates to less then $3 bucks a month.

tulalip bay

4. Easy Galley Set Up

When you upload you art to FAA you have an option to categorize into galleries. This help you drive shoppers to a specific theme or style of art you are displaying. I think this helps keep the right shopper looking at your art longer. The longer you capture their attention the better chance you have to make a sale.

With the gallery option you simply name your category and put in a key word rich description and then fill with art that matches that gallery category. It is so simple and powerful.

5. Interaction with other Artists

When you post a piece of art or photograph on your FAA page you unlock the power of the FAA community to stop by and see your work and comment. They even get the option of “liking” or reshaping on social media sites like FaceBook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

This artist interaction enhances your ranking at FAA and out into the Internet. Your goal is to get many comments and shares on social media. So being a good citizen and giving back on FAA will only benefit you.

I am engaged in about 20 communities where I see others art and photos and comment, like, and share. In turn others come and do the same for me. And the best part… everyone is kind and you don’t wind up with those snarky comments that can happen on other community sites.

6. Enter Contests

I have entered some of these themed contests. Unfortunately I have never won any of them and that is alright. By entering the contests you are inviting others to see your work and comment, like, and share on social media. It only benefits you and your marketing effort.

7. FAA Quality Delivered

I am not only an artist sharing my Stunning HDR Photography but I am a client of FAA. My money have been put where my mouth flaps. Many of my photos hang on my walls at home. From metallic prints to canvass, to my favorite… metal prints. That is prints on sheets of shiny aluminum. HDR looks amazing on metal.

With all of the photos I have sold into the marketplace from spots in the United State to many places around the world I have never had a disappointed customer or a return. I suppose that speaks to my art work as well as the POD quality that FAA delivers worldwide.

And all you have to do is upload your art, describe it with titles and keyword rich descriptions, and collect your profits after the 30-day money back guarantee that is offered at Fine Art America.

I love this company and their dedication to the artists at all levels. Fine Art America has truly evened the playing field to all artist being able to display and sell their art for as little as about $3 buck per month. You can’t beat it and I have made thousand each year selling my art, so the cost is a non-factor.

I invite you to stop by and see Fine Art America, set up your artist site, and take advantage of the cool marketing option. You will finally be selling your art in no time flat.

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