Highway 2… the best American Highway to photograph

Highway 2 abandoned school houseHighway 2 extends from Everett Washington east to Houlton Maine. The mileage distance is 2,643 miles. Parts of this highway were originally connected by other National Park roads.

From Everett to Spokane is a beautiful drive. You cross the Cascades, travel through Bavarian Leavenworth, and into the flat plains of eastern Washington past farmland and old abandoned buildings.

This school house about 10 miles west of Coulee City is one I happened upon. The insides were full of graffiti, well placed rocks for sitting, and an old recliner. Outside was chard and standing. It was an magnificent sight to see.

There are so many of these old buildings along the highway. I imagine star photographers would have an orgasm finding these old places and photographing the Milkyway and night sky.

In my opinion, Highway 2 is a must drive and one of the best photo ops in America. Travel on!


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