Freight Train in HDR

TrainPurchase Freight Train in HDR for your beach house or mansion today.

It was a perfect winter day in the Pacific Northwest…  Super cold and yet so sunny and clear.

The tide was low at Mukilteo State Beach.  This allowed me to walk farther then usual along the rocky beach. The sun was low on the horizon as it is in the Pacific Northwest during the winter months. It was so bright to the point of blinding. Not a cloud in the sky.

I am partial to capturing landscape images that include a dynamic cloud structure. I believe clouds just add to the drama of the moment, especially in HDR photography. Cloud just give your image the right pop that it needs to make a bold statement.

However… this winter day was the exception.

That bright sun and sun rays on the horizon made the difference, along with that passing freight train at just the right moment. The culmination of the moment created a spectacular composition and ultimately a stunning HDR image.

Within minutes after this 5 exposure image was capture the tide rolled in fast. I needed to high tail it out of there before I was swimming back to the other side of the beach with my camera equipment in hand.

I really had fun capturing this image and I hope you enjoy this dynamic beach image in HDR as well.

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Spencer McDonald

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