My photography goals for 2016

It is that time of the year again… New Years resolutions, goals, and declarations. And these are my goals in 2016 for this blog and my photography business.

sunset, water, landscape, canada, sail boatsRecently I wrote a blog article related to finding your “essential message.” I engaged in exactly what I wrote about and created my story and how I happened into this thing called photography. Please take a moment to read my motivation for this craft.

My “essential message” going forward is: Therapy through photography for me and for you.

So this year….

  • A primary focus on Pacific Northwest photography
    • Landscape
    • Urban
    • Travel
    • Real Estate
  • Targeted content for the HDR photographer
  • Continued effort to improve my HDR process
  • Create HDR workshops
  • Offer products/services that support the travel photographer

That’s it! I want to be more intentional with life and with my photography. Doing those things will certainly help me to keep the joy in my life, and I hope my writing and photography increases your joy.

Spencer McDonald

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