7 Places and things I LOVE in Seattle

starbucks red cupI have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1989. This region has become my permanent home… and I love the vibe and feel of downtown Seattle.

So many cool restaurants, bars, attractions, and interesting people walking about.

Originally, I grew up in Southern California… Orange County specifically. A metropolis that exploded into a melting pot of all types of people. Growing up in such a metropolis taught me how to compete.

… AND moving to the Northwest taught me how to live better, love deeper, and languish in joy and happiness.

In the Pacific Northwest it seem like the population is more subdued, friendly, Laissez Faire, and motivated by care rather than such intense competition. Certainly you need a balance of both to effectively exist in our world.

So…. the places and things in Seattle listed below are just some of my favorites.

Starbucks Coffee on every corner

Pike Place Market

Lowell’s Restaurant

Post Alley and the gum wall

Ride the Ducks

Gas Works park

Seahawks Football

Spencer McDonald



P.S. Creating stunning HDR images is my lens therapy and increases my joy and happiness.

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