5 basic street photography tips by Steve Wright


I was out stumbling around on StumbleUpon and came across this awesome video. Steve Wright shares his 5 examples of great street photography rules.

  1. Look for contrasts and opposites
  2. Look for connections
  3. Keep it simple and minimal
  4. Find and shoot street characters
  5. Shoot through glass or use reflections

This video really inspired me to get out into the urban jungle to practice more street shots using these 5 tips. However…

I am an HDR photographer so I will use this post processing element and include color. One comment on Steve’s YouTube thread asked: Why do all street photographer use black and white?

A good question. And I believe they use black and white for several reasons. First, black and white give you a classic feel. Next, black and white share a sense of story about the photo captured. Finally, black and white is the choice of the photographer/artist and it is there interpretation of the art they created.

For me I will use color to represent the “Now” in time and for something different. Here is one example of street photography I captured in Seattle.

HDR, photography, street photography, seattle, urban

This one was captured in front of the first Starbucks on Western Avenue across from the Pike Place Market. The photo represents the use of connections. You have the connection of hats, blond hair, and in the background electronic and cell phone usage.

Hey… and how about one more.

HDR, photography, street, urban, seattle, homeless

An example of capturing a street character near the Westlake Center on the Streets of Seattle.

I encourage you to practice some of your own street shots. It’s very rewarding to find and capture these one of a kind shots. And swing by Steve Wright’s steveshootsstreet on his channel at YouTube. Steve has 18 video to check out.

Peace out.

Spencer McDonald

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