South Fork of the Stilliguamish River

stilliguamish river, water, landscape, northwestToday… unlike another tragic day in 2014 was magnificent. This is a capture facing North at the South Fork of the Stillguamish River.

Seems like it had rained for six month straight prior to this sunny Sunday afternoon. Finally!! We had some good sun, dynamic sky and clouds, and a moment of peace.

On March 22, 2014 at roughly 10:30am we wept for those caught in a violent landslide that killed 43 people four miles east of the North Fork of the Stilliguamish River. Mud and debris rushed down a hill and across the Stilliguamish River burying a rural neighborhood. The mud and debris covered about a one mile square area.

A life lesson here… even in the face of dark days and tragic moment, the sun will shine and happiness will return. Just breath. Remember the light and the goodness.

HDR by Spencer

P.S. This South Fork at the Stilliguamish River image available at my Fine Art America gallery in high resolution.


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