10 mindset rules to practice while at the beach

HDR by SpencerA weekend getaway to your favorite beach is just the thing to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. We did just that on Camano Island along the shores of the Puget Sound in a quaint home no bigger than a boathouse. And it has been an awesome time.

I was up early (as always) thinking about my photos, my blog, and life in general. It was just me, a gloomy but promising Northwest sky, and my thoughts as I stared out at the Puget Sound from our rented boathouse.

My mind drifted… what if the beach came with a serious set of beach rules that you must obey? What would those beach rules look and feel like? These are my 10 mindset rules to practice while at the beach. They are sure to be good for your soul.

Beach Rules

  1. Breathe in deep and exhale
  2. Stretch your mind and body
  3. Walk the beach
  4. Find a favorite seashell or rock
  5. Forgive those who have trespassed against you
  6. Seek wisdom in the sounds of the waves
  7. Relax and read a good book
  8. Focus and take photograph for your memories
  9. Write a note, letter, or chapter in a book
  10. Stay for the sunset

I am going to check off each one of these on the list so that I have not violated the laws. By taking time to engage in these positive laws I am certain that my mindset will be renewed and my impressions on life will shine bright again.

Come on and engage with me. Go to your favorite beach and practice these 10 mindset rules while at the beach. I bet you will leave the beach with a new mindset yourself.

HDR by Spencer

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