Dry Lake off Highway 17 in Washington State

What an amazing place to see first hand!!

HDR by SpencerDry Falls has been on my bucket list of photographic adventures for the longest time. And I would suggest you include Dry Falls on your photography journey bucket list as well.

We set out to see Dry Falls and ended up seeing Dry Lake. It was an accidental visit and grand opportunity for some awesome photographs none the less. The key to great photography is patience and the key to finding your destination is also patience.

My wife and I traveled up Highway 17 past Soap Lake and heading toward Coulee City. There was a turn off that said Dry Lake and Sun Lake this way. We turned and headed toward the lake not even realizing it was not in fact Dry Falls.

Had we been patient and stayed our course we would have arrived at the visitors center two miles up the road. We turned early, traveled down a two lane black top road. It must have been at least two miles we traveled on the good road. Soon enough the good road became a one lane dirt road with giant boulders imbedded in the dirt. We were now four wheeling to the lake, not the falls. It was a good thing we had a Ford F150 with 4-wheel drive.

HDR by SpencerAfter a bumpy and spine jarring two miles on that one lane dirt road we arrived at Dry Lake. There were people enjoying the weather, launching their small boats, canoes, and other fishing on the lake.

And  according to Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife the Rainbow Trout is excellent fishing between April and November. Anyway, we parked set up the tripod and captured a few keepers for photographs.

The moral here is that sometimes going off course you will find the most amazing places. Always bring a camera to document your finds.

df2 wm On our trip back by this location heading home we did make it to the actual Dry Falls visitor center and took in the awesome view and captured some stunning images. One image I swear captured a UFO in the sky. Some on Facebook have argued my lens was dirty. Maybe… but it was the only frame with this anomaly captured. All my other images were crystal clear. You decide.

HDR by Spencer

HDR by Spencer

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