Christmas in Skykomish Washington

First, let me say “Thank You” for investing your time stopping by to see my photography. I am very proud of my talent and how it has been my needed therapy to live better. I am living with less stress, feel more fulfilled, and genuinely hope my photos strike a happy chord in you!!

Some time back I realized life is not about things… although they are good, no life is about forgiveness, helping others, and love. Those three things are the meaning of life in my honest opinion.

So today I want to share a photo I captured at Christmas time in 2015 from the streets of Skykomish Washington.

skykomish, washington, cascades, landscape, winter, christmas, railroadAs you can see, the snow was fresh, the trains in the town were idle, and the town was as busy as ever, which is usually never. This is just a very small one horse town that services Burlington Northern, hosts an awesome tavern with the best fried chicken this side of the Mississippi at the Whistling Post Tavern, and the Cascadia Hotel in case you want to stay and explore the Cascade area.

I have thought about conducting HDR landscape workshops from this location and have not as yet committed to the endeavor. I would certainly love to here your thoughts. Is this a workshop you might enjoy attending. You would capture several cool landscapes from Skykomish and around the immediate local area (and it is remote and excellent for landscapes) and learn my personal HDR techniques. These techniques have been under perfection since 2011.

Please check out my Washington Gallery for all the latest images.

Thanks again for seeing, reading, and commenting. I am grateful for my talents and your patronage.

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