An enchanted winter

winter-trees-landscape-pacific northwestCaptured at the first snow of the season in Snohomish, Washington.

This grove of lonely bare trees reminds me of a time to rest, sleep, and renew our minds for the coming New Year. Think forward about the coming year…

What will the year bring? Will it bring more of the same or will it bring a renewed you?

Invest time thinking forward about the outcome of 2015 you desire. Sit and jot down your goals and plan. Commit to taking massive action to bring about the change you envision. Then… take the first step to living with passion and with purpose.

I hope this photograph emits some ounce of enlightenment and action to drive toward your future life. I hope you can use this photograph as a way to motivate the future you envision.

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Post any comments here that relate to how this “Enchanted Winter” photograph touches your life and/or the life of other in your circle of love.

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