5 key principles to become a successful photographer

success principles-photography-talent-art-artist-be creativeI found this 35mph speed limit sign interesting. It represents rules and limits for the road. The speed limit sign is there to remind you to be safe.

So, as I pondered the sign and this photograph I thought about photography rules being similar to this speed limit sign. The rules are in place to teach you the basics of composing a good photograph. These photography rules are also in place to keep you boring, same old same old, and lost in the pack of photographs and photographers.

Please follow the rules of the road and drive safe and at the speed limit posted.

In photography, consider the speed limit of photography only a suggestion and not the rule. Go break the rules.  Follow these 5 key principles to become a successful photographer.


You have go to believe in you. You have got to look in the mirror and know you are talented. If you undermine your talent, go about it with reservation, and discount your God given talent you are short changing yourself, your family, and all of us from seeing your art. Figure out how to believe you are good enough to share your art just like the pros.


Every day in every way you must practice your craft. Learn how to improve 1% a week. See and learn from those you admire in the photography arena. Read, view, and learn, but never limit yourself to the rules. Go beyond the basics to be you.


The art of daily practice will unlock your real voice as a photographer. Consider your voice to be your photographic edge and creativity. Give us your photographic DNA. Be you and not a copy of someone else.


Be a mouthpiece to your art. Share your why and what of your talent. Show off your best images. Generate a tribe of art enthusiast and collectors who love what you produce. Keeping you talent a secret is a big mistake.


This one drives my wife crazy. She thinks I should sell my work for thousands more than I do.

Keep in mind that money is not why you do what you do in photography. Money is nice and you do this because you have to do it. You are driven by something unexplainable. You do this because you love it. Share that love for free every now and again. Others will appreciate your kindness.

These 5 key principles to become a successful photographer will help you focus better on your talent. If you find other principles I would love to hear from you. Help us generate a great blog conversation.

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