Lima Locomotives at Sammamish Washington

locomotive-train-railroad-engine-box car-lumberGot out to Sammamish to see the old railroad locomotives and box cars. It was awesome!

When you get to the boneyard of trains there is a chain link fence all around. This prevents ease access to touching these old relics and it poses harsh conditions for wonderful photographs. You essentially get two choices… first, stand up on the high bank right next to the road and shoot down at the trains, or second, stand at the chainlink fence and aim you lens at the trains without seeing exactly what is being captured. I chose option two as the first option included an ugly fence in the frame.

With LV (live view) displayed on the back of my Nikon D600 I attempted to capture cool perspectives. This is a beautiful shot of an old 1923 Lima Locomotive built by Shay. You can check out their history at this website.

Trains always seem to fascinate me and I hope to capture more interesting shots of freight trains, locomotives, steam engines, and box cars in the future. For now, please enjoy this one. Thank you for stopping by.

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