Your WHY is your power in life… use it!

anacortes, landscape, waterscape, puget sound, water, marina, harbor, pacific northwestI was surfing Facebook wasting time and feeling a tad sorry for myself. Then this quote scrolled across my screen and it was just that inspiration I needed to press on.

“When you’re at the end of your rope & your feel like giving up, FOCUS on that one reason for not giving up!”

Amen brother!!

So… I thought immediately about my photographs. Why do I travel long distances, brave the weather, the crazy people at time, and all the money invested in this thing I love like my own daughter?

I do it first and foremost for my own sanity. Just getting out into the wild of nature helps me breath better, focus clearer, and brave another day. I do it because I want to capture the beauty my eyes see and share with you the viewer. That is my BIG WHY for this thing I call photography.

Keeping these two key reasons in mind is all I need to re-focus and re-engage in knowing I am making a difference in my life and those who I touch with my stunning photographic art.

What ever it is you think is no longer worth the effort… I say STOP, REMEMBER, and FOCUS on a seeing that one most important thing through.

I am most grateful for those who see my art and read my words. Thank you.

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