Morning Gold

told river, river, fog, morning, sunriseI was out early and headed to spots unknown… yet. My Starbucks had not kicked in to shake the sleep from my eyes. Driving… driving… driving. I found this lonely road near the Tolt River in Western Washington. Shlepping… I emerged from the heat of my truck into the cold of the morning and set up this shot.

To capture this image I used my Nikon D6oo, 24-85mm Nikon lens, and my light yet useful MeFoto tripod. This is a 3 bracket shot.

Straight ahead… the sunrise, dancing gold shimmers off the grass, and in the near distance is the Tolt River. Off to the left of this image are the highway, railroad tracks, and a walking path for those so inclined to the outdoor exercise thing.

This entire image implants a sense of solitude, peace, morning mental cleansing of the minds cob webs, and granger of a day filled with hope and optimism. Please take a moment to reflect on how this Tolt River fog photograph tugs at your soul.

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