Take your HDR photography to the next level

Alley CatsIt was simple decision that changed the course of my photography.

That decision was to be more intentional about my craft and to move to the next level of create stunning HDR photographs.

These are the steps I took.

1. I got a mentor – Serge Ramelli is one photography master I subscribe to on YouTube. I have also investing in his HDR Masters Course, plus Interiors Course. Both are outstanding and I learned much.

Quoted from one of my followers on FineArtAmerica.

Very nice work, it really looks like you have mastered HDR.

I recommed PhotoSerge for your photography tutorials of choice. Absolutely awesome. Secrets you probably never considered and yet work with a stunning effect. Take your photography to the next level!!

2. Patience became my friend – I chose to stop being in so much of a rush to capture frames. Each shot and each outdoor adventure in 2015 has been more planned out. My images have more meaning and story behind them now.

3. Use a Tri-Pod – On many occasions I would head out with my 24-85mm walking lens and simply point and shoot as steady as I could. Well, when you compare images captured on a tripod with a timer set to 2 second vs. just a point, brace, and click, you definitely see the difference. It is the difference between pro and amateur. I choose to be a pro now. How about you.

4. Use the right lens – My walk around lens was ok and my 16-28 Tokina 2.8 was better. My landscapes and waterscapes are wider and feel more alive with detail and richness. In the city I still walk around and shoot with my 24-85mm only because it is easier to use on the spur of the moment.

You can see my Alley Cat image above. This was captured at Seattle’s Pike Place Market just down below in Post Alley alongside the now famous and becoming iconic gum wall. to see how my landscapes show up using a better (right lens) for the task at hand.

5. Don’t over think your software – I used to think I needed 4 or 5 software packages, plus plug-in, etc. to create my works of art. It was all a big lie to sell me more. What I needed was LightRoom 5.7, and Photomatix Pro 5.0. Serge Ramelli taught me the art of simple software.

6. Goal and Targets – I set a lofty goal. “To capture my million dollar photography in 2015.” This goal is more of a journey than an end state. By pursuing the noble chase of the best in class photograph I will certainly be raising my quality of images I produce.

These were the top 6 things I committed to in early 2015 and am liking the results that I am seeing.

Start with your photography VISION, then add your committed INTENTION, and finally go out and PRACTICE what you intend.

And… to help your journey to the next level come with ease I absolutely recommend Serge Ramelli for your mentor of choice.

Serge teaches simple secrets you probably never considered and yet work with a stunning effect.

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