Hawk Creek Campground

Got out to the east side of Washington State this past weekend… and captured this stunning image. Worth the 4.5 hour trip!!

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This was captured at Hawk Creek National Park campground just a few minutes from Lake Roosevelt. Behind me is a small (12 foot drop) waterfall aptly named Hawk Creek Falls. It was just as gorgeous as this drop dead photograph.

Lake Roosevelt is approximately 152 miles long and is actually a part of the Columbia River. Because of dams and such this area is classified as a lake. Lots of recreation activities happen on the lake. One of the most popular are house boats. You can rent one and take a different type of vacation living on the lake for a week. Sounds awesome!!

50 miles east of this area is Spokane Washington, with loads of food, spirits, and entertainment activities. The old town has a new feel to it. Old (historic) buildings rich in architectural culture paired with youth of the people and human spirit. Never been… well  you need to go!! From Spokane it’s just a hops skip and jump to Coure d’ Alene Idaho.

Anyway… back to this photograph.

During the winter months the lake is lowered at accommodate snow melt and run off into the lake by about June or July. The lake will rise again with this melting snow from the Canadian side of the lake. The area you see here will become a part of the lake, completely filled up.

I hope to come back in July and see the full lake area at Hawk Creek campground.

Enjoy! And… please swing by to see this image at Fine Art America.

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