Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery Barn

barn, landscape, landscape photography, country, natureI do love a great barn photograph. When ever I see a well done image I am always overtaken by peace, relaxation, and a soothing calm resting against my soul. How does a great barn photograph strike you?

About this photograph. We were zooming down Highway 2 in Eastern Washington near the spot on the map named Waterville. My neck swung around as we passed this barn. Then I looked at my wife in a forlorn way and she knew immediately to turn the car around.

What struck me about this barn was how well it had been taken care of, the dark brown wood complemented by that green roof, and surrounded by what I think were onions growing all around the barn. The words were fantastically painted and felt fresh, not worn out like you see on some country road barns. I was in awe and needed this photograph for my collection and to share with others who also have a connection to nature and cool barns.

So, we drove down a one lane dirt driveway. I jumped up on the short dusty hill to get this capture with a few trees in the foreground to give the photo some composition and clicked away. What you see is the final image post processed using only LightRoom 5 and Photomatix Pro 5.7.

I hope you like this one enough to tell your family and friends about. Thank you for seeing and reading about Dr. Pierces Golden Medical Discovery Barn.

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