Tulips of Passion

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My grandfather had a favorite flower and it was an Iris. My favorite flower is the Tulip. Further, my favorite color of tulip is RED.

Red make me feel alive, passionate, and full of energy. I wonder how the color red affects your chi in life?? Do tell.

These RED TULIPS were captured at the 2015 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival on an early morning in April. The sky was grey and full of threat. The fields were empty except for the migrant workers popping off the tops of dead or weeping tulips. I felt alone, just me and all that colorful beauty for as far as the eye could see. The moment was made for soul recharging.

Please enjoy this perspective of the rows of RED TULIPS. When you are done viewing, please charge over to my gallery and purchase this for your favorite space.

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