Denver City Center Photography

denver, downtown, city, cityscape, city center, buffalo artFinally! After 30 years I am back in Denver. And only for a short trip.

One of my goals for this trip was to get out to Colorado Springs and capture Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods photographs. Not happening. RAIN, RAIN, AND MORE RAIN.

So, I will make the most out of shooting downtown Denver. The city center exploration will continue when the sun shows up again on Tuesday.

I stopped for lunch at Marlowe’s on 16th Street Mall and saw Hefner 1 parked outside the restaurant waiting for some Playboy bunnies to hop in our out of the limo.

hugh hefner, playboy, limo, denver, marlowe's restaurant

I found Denver to be stuffed full of homeless gypsies… not unlike most American cities. The tended to run in packs and hung out in the center of 16th Street Mall rest areas. One group even had their own pack of dogs they were walking.

These two shots are from pedestrian traffic along the 16th Street Mall route.

16th street mall, denver, colorado, city, city center, downtown, cityscape

16th street mall, denver, city, city center, downtown, cityscape, souvenirs, wild west

I must have walked 4 or 5 miles. My feet were tired after being out on the concrete and exploring downtown Denver. One of my finds along my route was the Union Station. This is one of my favorite captures of the day.

train station, train depot, denver, colorado, city, city center, downtown, cityscape

Even with so many homeless people walking around, sleeping on the concrete, in wheel chairs, and being present in the Denver City Center, the city in general was quite safe and clean.

After 30 years of not being here. I still endorse and recommend a trip to Denver and the outlying beauty in Colorado.

Thank you for seeing a few of my Denver Colorado images. Please stop by my gallery to see more awesome landscape, waterscape, and cityscape photographs.

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