The Recliner

grunge, graffiti, abandoned, farm, school house, eastern washington, puget sound

The places and thing you may find inside those places is always amazing.

On several occasions traveling to Eastern Washington from the West side of the state I passed by this old abandoned school house along Highway 2. I thought: “Wow. Would love to photograph that one under the stars.”

My wife noticed it first on this trip and just pulled the car over to explore. I captured a few exterior shots before heading inside. Inside the old abandoned school house was laced with broken glass, floor boards missing or rotted away, and graffiti on every wall …. and this recliner.

Now, I could not pass up this photograph so I snapped off three bracketed shots. Back at home I processed using LightRoom 5 and Photomatix Pro using a grunge pre-set I created for some of my cityscape shots.

I hope you enjoy this view of abandoned America. Hope to find more along Highway 2 heading east through the farmlands of Washington State.

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