Patriotic Barn in Los Banos California

I found this fantastic patriotic barn along a side road in the town of Los Banos on my way back to San Jose from Fresno California. Los Banos is about midway between those two points. What I truly enjoyed was the cleanliness of the property, that old Chevy truck for sale, … [Read more...]

Drama in the San Joaquin Valley

Last Sunday I had the opportunity to drive from Clovis back to San Jose California to grab my flight back to Seattle. The distance is about 165 miles and the drive takes roughly three hours if you have the peddle to metal. This Sunday I was more interested in meandering back … [Read more...]

Crystal Cove State Beach

If you are seeking a place of pure solitude where you sit, stare, and ponder life... this beach is for you. This is Crystal Cove and is short hop skip and jump from Laguna Beach. There is no bad coastline in Southern California. Not even Santa Monica beach earns a bad rap from … [Read more...]

The meaning of a simple cross

As a child I grew up in Southern California and took many school field trips to the Spanish Mission at San Juan Capistrano. San Juan Capistrano is known for the return of the Swallows that return each year on the same day and time. It is an amazing this to witness this … [Read more...]

Cool waves at Bolsa Chica State Beach

Staring out into the blue water of the Pacific Ocean at Bolsa Chica State Beach. This beach is located along Pacific Coast Highway and is located between Sunset Beach and Huntington Beach. As a teen I spent many days running on the hot sand and cooling off in the surf. The … [Read more...]