The Recliner

The places and thing you may find inside those places is always amazing. On several occasions traveling to Eastern Washington from the West side of the state I passed by this old abandoned school house along Highway 2. I thought: "Wow. Would love to photograph that one under … [Read more...]

Where’s Jimmy

This one is aptly titled "JimmyHoffa." I was out wandering around the docks and industrial area of Seattle when I came across these paint drums. There were thousands stack super high. Piles and piles everywhere. When my eyes landed on this big pile of used junk I … [Read more...]

Agate Pass at Sunrise

This is an early morning capture at Agate Pass on Bremerton Island in the Puget Sound. Everything was still. There was no sound. Only this rising ball of fire welcoming the Puget Sound residents to the day. On most occasions this time of day is too early for me to be out dressed … [Read more...]

P-47 Thunderbolt

This P-47 Thunderbolt is such a stunning airplane to see in person and to capture in High Dynamic Range. The Tallahassee Lassie was on display as part of the Flying Heritage Collection. has this to say about the P-47. "Built in greater quantities than … [Read more...]

Japanese World War II Zero in HDR

Recently I have had a hunger to capture airplanes in HDR. This past weekend I got my opportunity. This Japanese Zero is part of the Flying Heritage Collection in Everett, Washington. Currently, this photographs are not for sale. In the future I may offer a limited edition of my … [Read more...]