Under the Bridge Graffiti

I often head out on unplanned photographic adventures around Snohomish, Skagit, and King Counties. I never know what I will find... or whether it will be worthy of sharing. These graffiti concrete paintings compelled me to share. It was March and the rain had finally stopped … [Read more...]

American Indian Housing

I was enamored by this tiny house. It resides on the local Indian reservation. And I just had to get a photograph before any stray dogs or Indians chased me away. Most of the houses are steeped in squalor, litter, and abandoned things. It's a life I would have a hard time with … [Read more...]

Zip Zooming through Life

Photography is so freeing for the soul. This seems like a bad photograph at first... then you gotta go deeper. I see people moving. I see busy people. I see people run through life in their own time and in their own space. To me this photograph exhibits creativity and art. … [Read more...]

Going to the Mountain in Montana

Sometimes the world is a bliss and sometimes it is dire and dark. When the world is bliss... rejoice! When it turns dark... go to the mountain and seek peace. Practice being at one with the big world and forgiving those that have trespassed against you. Forgive is a prescription … [Read more...]

The Stranger news stand and paper

On occasion I really love getting lost in the city with my camera. It helps me feel like one single atom among millions of atoms spinning rapidly to create life in the big city. I feel lost, invisible, and much like a light that shows the world things inside the city limits that … [Read more...]