An enchanted winter

Captured at the first snow of the season in Snohomish, Washington. This grove of lonely bare trees reminds me of a time to rest, sleep, and renew our minds for the coming New Year. Think forward about the coming year... What will the year bring? Will it bring more of the … [Read more...]

Christmas Tree Farm in Snohomish Washington

Here it comes again.... Christmas! Are you ready. Let's talk about what ready means. It does not mean ready because you have made a list of gifts to buy or even started buying already. Ready means giving. Are your ready to give first and expect nothing physical in return. You … [Read more...]

The Hayride for Happiness

Life can be simple and relaxing like a hayride... or barbary like a rusty barb wire fence. I would love to choose hayride first and today I cannot. Today I am climbing that barb wire fence to visit my daughter in jail. Not the moment in life I expected. Not one for the family … [Read more...]

Tye River near Skykomish Washington

Purchase Tye River Heaven for your space For the entire Fall and Winter seasons I will share gorgeous landscape, nature, rivers, lakes, and mountain photographs from the Pacific Northwest. I  hope you will enjoy the next 12 to 15 posts. This particular image was captured … [Read more...]

Agate Pass at Sunrise

This is an early morning capture at Agate Pass on Bremerton Island in the Puget Sound. Everything was still. There was no sound. Only this rising ball of fire welcoming the Puget Sound residents to the day. On most occasions this time of day is too early for me to be out dressed … [Read more...]