10 mindset rules to practice while at the beach

A weekend getaway to your favorite beach is just the thing to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. We did just that on Camano Island along the shores of the Puget Sound in a quaint home no bigger than a boathouse. And it has been an awesome time. I was up early (as always) … [Read more...]

10 Alone Time Benefits with Nature and Your Camera

My camera and this art we call photography has been a real stress reliever for me personally. Whenever I find myself feeling stressed or leaning into depression, my camera is my therapist. I have created these 10 ideas that you too may feel as you go out on your own to capture … [Read more...]

A great photography business begins with your “essential message”

Since 2007 I have been obsessed with this hobby of photography. I get out and shoot as often as possible. In 2016 I was fortunate to get to California, Idaho,  Colorado, Montana, and of course my home state of Washington. Go ahead.... check out my galleries. Give them a "like" … [Read more...]

Follow Your Heart

Order your 12 x 8 motivational photograph today. … [Read more...]

Cravings lead to habits that lead to Facebook, Twitter, and even Starbucks

So... I was watching a young dude sit on the curb just outside a local Quiznos restaurant in my neck of the woods. This dudes rhythmic movement was almost hypnotic. In his right hand was a lit cigarette. His arm extended straight out and locked at the elbow while supported by … [Read more...]