Union and Seventh in Seattle

I tend to shoot a lot of Seattle. Most of my work comes from Pike Place Market and the vicinity around Western and Second Avenue. So... I went out of my element and trekked five extra blocks up Union to Freeway Park. Freeway Park runs along I-5 and creates a natural noise … [Read more...]

Great Wheel of Fortune

Just imagine the lucky few who are riding the Great Wheel on this day as the fiery sun sets. What an experience those riders have to share with family and friends. I knew the day was going to good for capture sunsets in Seattle. The weather report had sun and partly cloudy … [Read more...]

The Stranger news stand and paper

On occasion I really love getting lost in the city with my camera. It helps me feel like one single atom among millions of atoms spinning rapidly to create life in the big city. I feel lost, invisible, and much like a light that shows the world things inside the city limits that … [Read more...]

Seattle in HDR and Color

[Read more...]