Becoming the City

One of the styles of photography I love to capture is urban, or as I like to call it... urban grunge. These particular images have much meaning for me. As I parked at this abandoned YWCA parking lot just off a seedy alleyway I noticed a broken man in tattered clothing, … [Read more...]

5 basic street photography tips by Steve Wright

  I was out stumbling around on StumbleUpon and came across this awesome video. Steve Wright shares his 5 examples of great street photography rules. Look for contrasts and opposites Look for connections Keep it simple and minimal Find and shoot street … [Read more...]

10 Alone Time Benefits with Nature and Your Camera

My camera and this art we call photography has been a real stress reliever for me personally. Whenever I find myself feeling stressed or leaning into depression, my camera is my therapist. I have created these 10 ideas that you too may feel as you go out on your own to capture … [Read more...]

What is the definition of HDR photography?

HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range. Sue Chastain at Graphicsoft offers this definition: "High Dynamic Range, or HDR, is a digital photography technique whereby multiple exposures of the same scene are layered and merged using image editing software to create a more … [Read more...]

7 Places and things I LOVE in Seattle

I have lived in the Pacific Northwest since 1989. This region has become my permanent home... and I love the vibe and feel of downtown Seattle. So many cool restaurants, bars, attractions, and interesting people walking about. Originally, I grew up in Southern California... … [Read more...]